Platinum Club

Last night I earned my first PS3 Platinum trophy for completing Afrika. I know some would argue that it is not a “game” in the traditional sense, and I think I would have to agree. Instead it is more of a relaxing after work, late at night, whenever you want to de-stress experience.

Getting to 100% was pretty much a pain in the ass; lots of repetitive type missions, but as I said, it was a stress free pain in the ass experience, which is OK in my book.

I’ll go on the record and say that I had to “cheat” a couple of times to find some of the animals. Cheating in Afrika means reading a guide to find the general location of specific animals required to complete the game. You have to take a picture of a dung beetle. Seriously.

So now I am one of the cool kids, with my cool Platinum trophy. Except the cool kids do not play games like Afrika.


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