Football annual time again.

Every year I fight the temptation to not spend a bucket load of money on the football annuals, and every year I fail to resist the urge.  Today I threw out several annuals – Phil Steele’s 2007 College Football Preview, Lindy’s Southeastern 2007 Preview, CBS College Football 2007 Season Preview, Athlon Sports Southeastern 2007 Preview, and Sporting News College Football 2007.  That is a lot of duckets and wasted time on reading about college football.

So far this year I have not picked up any of the yearly annuals, but while I was in line at the grocery store, I caught of glimpse of Phil Steele’s 2008 College Football Preview.  [sigh … throws arms up in defeat]  I love this stuff!  Phil Steele’s annual is always my favorite of the bunch; should get me in the mood for some PS3 NCAA Football.


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