Would anyone care if she did not have breasteses?

I know I am part of the problem by posting this article, but would anyone care if Danica Patrick was not trying to sell herself as a sex-goddess that happens to race cars? So she finished 19th in the last Nationwide race. She finished on the lead lap – remarkable?

The IZOD IndyCar Series regular led her first laps and managed to finish on the lead lap in what turned out to be an incident-filled event. She finished 19th – her first top-20 result – in her 13th outing in NASCAR’s second-tier series.

It is not like DP even looks all that hot; I mean if she was a Victoria’s Secret girl we would have a good reason to rise and take notice, but blah, I wish the media would calm down on DP. Maybe next year she really will improve and get some top 10 finishes. At least then we would have a reason to talk about her NASCAR achievements.


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