SEC Week 7 Recap

What a wacky week in the SEC, and across the nation. Let’s jump to UGA first; UGA VIII (Big Bad Bruce) started his career with a 43-0 rout over Vanderbilt. After last week’s solid 41-14 win over the Volunteers, it was nice to see the Dawgs not suffer a letdown, which would have been a major step back.


Welcome Big Bad Bruce! Sic ‘em!

Have the Bulldogs turned the corner? Depends on what happens next week with Kentucky. Speaking of the kittens, they decided to roast some chicken last night …
Of everything that transpired over the weekend, I never would have guessed that South Carolina would blow an 18 point halftime lead, not score in the second half, and eventually fall 31-28 to Kentucky. This was the year for Steve Spurrier to finally win the SEC East, return to Atlanta in glory, and put the Fighting Chickens at the top of the college football heap.

Auburn gave up 43 points to Arkansas, but Auburn still outscored the hogs by 22 points. Ouch! It is hard to believe that this one was a two-point game at the end of the 3rd quarter. Auburn looks to be back in a big way. Next week’s showdown with LSU will be huge. The Tigers from the Plains get the better end of the stick since this one will be an afternoon game at Jordan-Hare Stadium instead of a dreaded night game in Baton Rouge.

Alabama, still licking their wounds after last week’s debacle at the hands of South Carolina, went through the motions in their 23-10 win over Ole Miss.

Speaking of going through the motions, LSU had a ho-hum 32-10 victory over McNeese St. If you are going to play a lower division team, you may as well beat their pants off to impress the pundits, voters, and yours truly.

And then there is Florida, who fell 10-7 at home to the hands of Mississippi St. Wow. Ouch. Shocker.

Buckeyes Fall
Around the nation it was nice to see the early Ohio St. National Championship talk squished-squashed by Wisconsin 31-18. Outside of the South I know everyone is sick and tired of the SEC, and really wants another team to step up. Inside the South, I have to say that I am sick and tired of always seeing the media lift up Ohio St. as the great hope. Call it even.

Longhorns Win
Finally we come to Texas; huge 20-13 victory in Lincoln over the not so fearsome Cornhuskers. The Longhorns finally played they way they were expected to play, behind a really stingy defense. Hook ‘em!


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  1. Fair and balanced… :-)

    Here’s why I’m sick of the SEC – all they do is beat up on each other, and talk about how tough their conference is. When they do step out against good competition, they lose at least half the time.

  2. Only problem with that remark is that the SEC has won the last 4 BCS titles. So the SEC does have a tendency to win the games that matter.

    As far as UGA goes, I have been a long time advocate that I want UGA to play a better non conference schedule. Over the last few years they have picked up Arizona St., Oklahoma St., and Colorado. No great, but certainly better than what they have done in the past. And of course they always pick up the Bumble Bees in ATL.

    I usually wait until the end of the year to take a look at overall W/L records, but for shits and giggles, let’s play now:

    Only significant “big game” non-conference loss for the SEC is Tennessee/Oregon. Of course your argument is that half the losses come against “good” competition, which is sort of subjective.

    Some highlights for non conference action this year, and oh by the way I am not hitting on the lame non BCS action … I write on that as it occurs, and I really do not approve.

    Alabama: Penn St. – Not the Tides fault that Penn St. sucks.

    Arkansas: Texas A&M and Texas. Old SWC is back?

    Auburn: Clemson

    Florida: Florida St. – Only because it is mandated by state law.

    Georgia: Colorado and Georgia Tech.

    Kentucky: Nothing here except Louisville. Is Akron a reach?

    LSU: North Carolina and West Virginia

    Mississippi State: Not much to write about.

    Ole Miss: I gave them hell for that Jacksonville St. loss.

    South Carolina: Clemson.

    Tennessee: Oregon – Not the PAC-10’s fault that Tennessee sucks.

    Vanderbilt: Are they still in the SEC?

    Season is still young and for the most part, the SEC is in full conference play mode right now, which means the “bowl” records will decide the debate. The SEC may have a hard time filling the 6-8 slots it is mandated by various contracts. FL, GA, and TN are down this year – the West will have to carry the mantle.

    And oh by the way, not once did I mention the SEC beating up on each other …

  3. :-) Don’t use facts to disuade my opinion!

    Honestly, I think the top 3 in the SEC is better, year in and year out, than the top 3 in any other conference. That’s what makes it “tougher.” The middle and bottom thirds are comparable to the Big 10, Big 12, etc.

    And, regarding non-conference games, rarely does an SEC team leave the south, and when they do, they lose half the time. That, and bowl games, was kind of my point (without much statistical research to back it up – just a “gut reaction.”)

  4. I agree with you on not traveling; I can specifically speak about UGA. In 2008 they went west of the Mississippi River for the first time in my lifetime, beating Arizona St. 27-10. In 2009 they traveled out west again and lost to Oklahoma St. 24-10. There was no way that Cox could replace Stafford, but good teams deal with that sort of thing. Georgia was not a good team last year; average at best. This year they visited Colorado and lost 29-27; if and buts … Georgia should have won this one. So UGA is 1-2 in the last three years traveling outside of the South, and only one of those teams was a Top 10 team.

    As of right now the 2011-2016 (they set these things pretty far in advance) have no road games outside of the South.

    OK, facts can be spun in almost any direction, but here are some interesting “facts” for your SEC reading enjoyment:

    SEC has best BCS Conference record

    And of course let us not forget that the SEC is a sparkling 6-0 in the actual Championship Game.

    I do not think the argument that only the “best” SEC teams win can statistically hold up. Look at the (admitaly biased site) SEC’s all time numbers against other conferences. To me the numbers have to imply that the bottom and middle of the SEC are year in and year out better than the rest of the conference.

    Finally, I will end with a link that is not so favorable to the SEC; is the SEC overrated due to the current ESPN contract?

  5. I think it’s more like this for me… The SEC is like the Yankees and the Red Sox. Yes, they have the pedigree, but I think fans of all the other conferences are sick of the “SEC Nation” attitude (not talking about you, by the way – I appreciate the honestly in your research, and I’m not one for all of these “my conference is better than your conference” stupid arguments.) Being a Braves fan, I’m sure you get the analogy to the over-hyped “Red Sox Nation.” The ESPN and pundit hype certainly has something to do with how I feel.

    So, I give the SEC credit where it’s due, but I don’t have to like it, LOL. It’s a better conference than the Big 10 most years, although these things tend to be cyclical.
    And, obviously, I have an OSU bias, so bear with me as that certainly slants my views, although I really do try to be objective. I was born bleeding scarlet and grey, so I’m sure that clouds my judgment at times. :-)

    For the record, the best OSU team I’ve ever seen in my lifetime was the 2006 squad. I can’t believe they got beat that bad by Florida. I don’t think Florida was 27 points better – I just can’t admit that, LOL! Darn Troy Smith got too fat on the banquet circuit! (For what it’s worth, I think Smith is the best QB OSU’s ever had. He’s a much better thrower than Pryor. As a matter of fact, for a guy as big as Pryor, he has a “small” arm. I don’t think he throws as good of a ball as Vince Young, whom he’s often compared to).

    Ok, I’ll stop rambling now. I guess I’m just in the mood to talk football…

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