And so it begins. PSP digital distribution.

First let me say that I understand why Sony is going to push for digital distribution. Right now I do not have the time to publish bullet point for bullet point why I think Sony is going in this direction. Second let me say that I still have not clicked “order” from Amazon for a PSP Go.

With that out of the way, check out this article from the Official PlayStation Blog about Unbound Saga being available via digital distribution only.

But why would Vogster, or any other publisher for that matter, buck the trend and do something as radical as bypassing brick-and-mortar? What do we have against the good people at Gamezoinks? Nothing at all, I assure you (In fact, we just made that name up.). But the benefits of digital distribution cannot be overlooked. For the consumer, digital download offers unparalleled convenience. If you want it, you can have it NOW, regardless of weather, bus schedules, gas prices, etc. RIGHT NOW. In fact, I just bought the first three seasons of Dexter from the PlayStation Store while writing this. My fingers barely left the keyboard. How convenient is THAT?? It also guarantees availability. It would have stunk to drive all the way to the mall for that set of DVDs only to find they were sold out. Well, the internet is never sold out, and it is open 24-7. How ‘bout them apples?

I actually have no interest in this game, but considering folks are already busy downloading PSN only games, it is surprising how hard Sony is trying to make digital downloads sound not so frightening.


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