Rant Time

Ok, here is an example of what happens when you add a major online function to a game toward the end of the development process. You get the mess that is OOTPB 2006. A big thanks to “Stu” and some other online community members for figuring out what needs to be uploaded or not from the league folders.

But this is asinine folks.

I will spend more time deleting individual folders because this game was not developed with online leagues in mind, despite the huge following out there that participates in OOTPB online leagues. All you have to do is play five minutes of PureSim’s seamless online mode to understand just how easy it could be to run an online league.

From the huge league folders to the development team’s inability to identify what needs to be uploaded for online leagues (and included in league files), this is inexcusable. A large portion of folks who play Out of the Park Baseball do so online. Many, like me, ONLY play OOTP online. It really infuriates me that neither Markus nor Mark, nor anybody from SI could answer the simple question – what files are necessary for online league play?

And the reaction – wow, thanks for the info we’ll include it in the game guide- further highlights the callous afterthought the online community seems to be experiencing at this point. Since 2003, 32 owners in my league have loyally purchased every version of OOTPB. Most of us have been loyal fans since the beginning.

So can SI spend more than five minutes on the online portion over the next few weeks? Can we figure out a better way to store the files in the game so that running a league doesn’t become a WIndows Explorer deletion exercise?

Simply asinine.


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