MLB 10: The Show – Preorder Fervor Over Free DLC

After skipping out on last year’s MLB 09:  The Show, I am considering a return to PS3 baseball. As much as I enjoyed MLB 07 and MLB 08, I was just not convinced that I got my money’s worth.

It is highly entertaining (in an ironic sort of way) reading the fanboy fervor over a preorder deal that includes instant access to DLC for several classic ballparks. Why such a negative reaction? Apparently The Show fanboys expected instant access to the classic stadiums based on some press release propaganda that indicates the stadiums are included in the game.

The kicker is that while the stadiums are included, you actually have to unlock a whole heaping helping of trophies and stuff in order to actually “earn” the use of said stadiums. Imagine that; an incentive based unlocking system.

The developers realized that unlocking the stadiums may be an intricate task, involving many hours of gameplay, so they decided to offer up this “bonus” content as an incentive to preorder MLB 10: The Show.

You would think that would be a win-win for everyone; Sony gets better preorder numbers and gamers get quick access to some content that would typically not be available until after hours and hours are consumed trying to unlock certain trophies.


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