QB Controversy in ATL – Schaub Eyes Vick’s Job

While many may think it is far fetched, Schaub looks like a starter in the making, while quite whispers abound about Vick’s lack of a grasp on the newly installed West Coast offense. I saw Schaub first hand last Saturday as he single handedly dismantled the Bengal’s defense. Schaub not only looked sharp, he looked very, very comfortable playing with the rest of the first stringers while Vick sat and watched.

It had to be disconcerting for Vick to watch Schaub complete his first 6 passes, and look damn impressive in the process. The statistics will not show a beautiful 40 some-odd yard post to Price that was simply amazing; too bad it was lost due to a mysterious penalty [OK, I admin penalties are hard to see from the cheap seats]. Before it was all said and done, Schaub put Atlanta into a comfortable 27-7 halftime lead behind 214 yards (14 for 20) and 3TDs.

Thus far Vick only has 35 passing yards (5 for 9), which is not so impressive. Schaub on the other hand is a rookie, which makes his statistics all the more remarkable. Schaub’s QB rating is 111.0, he has 6 TDs to 2 INTs, and he has completed 66.7% of his passes (42 for 63) racking up 527 yards.

Is it far fetched for Schaub to steal Vick’s job? Perhaps – after all Vick is making a ton of coin. Some of this I say in jest – really, it is just preseason, but it is hard to ignore the underlying statistics. Thankfully, as fun as it is to stir up a QB controversy, it looks like Mora is sitting on a gold mine. Not only does Atlanta have one of the most exciting players on the planet, it looks like Mora and company drafted a truly capable backup in Schaub, which is important because Vick continues to put himself into situations where he gets his nuts knocked into the dirt.

When it is all said and done, I love me some Vick – I even laid out a decent amount of cash for a replica jersey for myself and my wife did the same for Joshua (our oldest son). Say what you will, Vick is a truly amazing talent (especially in Madden), and he is a joy to watch. I just hope Vick comes to terms quickly with the West Coast offense because Atlanta fans need this guy to succeed.


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