The Mighty Jags

I purchased season tickets to the Jaguars games when Jack Del Rio and James “Shack” Harris were hired. My friends thought I was crazy because the Jags weren’t very good. But I knew Del Rio would bring a toughness that I like in a football team and Shack built the Baltimore Ravens defense. I grew up with the New York Giants, the Buddy Ryan Eagles, and the Chicago Bears defenses. It is in my blood.

My wife was giving me a hard time that she saw a tear in my eye as I was watching the Jags beat Dallas last week. Everytime they panned the crowd she would say “Look, there are your people!” It was very hard moving away from Florida and giving those four seats up. They were mine for three years and I enjoyed every minute, including the pre-season games. I watched Mathis as a rookie, saw Leftwich’s first game as a pro, and still have my Fred Taylor jersey hanging in the closet.

I would have been going CRAZY right about now as I walked to parking lot DD (or something like that) after the beating Jacksonville’s defense put on the Steelers tonight. CRAZY!


2 thoughts on “The Mighty Jags”

  1. Nice. You have Texan seats, right? Maybe in a few years you can go crazy with those guys. I had Falcons tickets a couple of years ago, but it was just too much of a pain trying to hit the games (downtown ATL sucks).

  2. Chris,

    I think that you ought to know that there is only one ‘Mighty Jags’ on this planet, the ‘decidedly-less-than-mighty’ Partick Thistle FC, who play in Scottish League Division One, and who find themselves graced by my presence about once a season. gives you the lowdown :)

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