Sunday Ramblings

There is some discussion in the Grey Dog Software forums about the price of Bowl Bound College Football being very steep at $35. I’m inclined to agree. For a first issue product that still has some tweaking issues, $35 does seem a bit much. I’ll probably wait until a few patches are released, but if BBCF was released at the $29 price point it would have been easier to justify the speculative purchase. Yea, it’s only a $6 difference, yet for some reason I don’t have a problem wasting less than $30 on a game. I’m just odd that way.

Speaking of odd, what’s next at The “Blog” for the Sports Gamer? Pop-up ads?

The Jaguars/Colts game should be interesting today. I think expectations are low because Leftwich is out. For some reason the Jaguars always play the Colts close. I will be surprised if this trend doesn’t continue today.

I am going to Florida over the holidays for a couple of weeks. Nothing scares an online gamer more then hearing your wife say “We’re going to Florida for two weeks.” Why? Because we’re not staying in fancy hotels. We’re staying with family. I’m taking along my wireless router so that I can be a road warrior with my laptop. Hopefully my in-laws won’t be insulted when I start upgrading their networking. I’ll even be updating the World of Warcraft install on my laptop so that I can play it when I’m gone. WoW at 800×600 is better than no WoW at all.

Such is life.


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  1. I have not really been watching the updates for Bowl Bound College Football, but $35 does seem too much for a first release. How about $19.99 to build a following and then raise the price next year when new features are added.

    Post a link or two if you find a good review.

    I am heading to Orlando (taking the family to Disney) this weekend, but I will not have internet access. Going to suck for my IOSBL team…

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