Amazon Marketplace Blu-ray deal

I ran across this deal from the forums at

Submit a DVD trade-in order with a total value of $50 or more in our Movies & TV Trade-In store before December 31, 2009 and in addition to your Gift Card, you’ll receive an extra $10 credit good toward your next purchase in the Blu-ray store at

I normally sell stuff on eBay, but I decided to give Amazon a try for a couple of reasons. First, with eBay any “profits” I expect to make take a hit with various fees – listing fees, final sale price fees, PayPal fees, and there is a set price of shipping/handling charges that can be applied, which is often too small for larger DVD sets. Second, the Amazon deal looks too good to pass up because it is simple – I pack everything up, print off a free UPS shipping label, and the money along with the $10 credit is posted to my Amazon account.

If sold individually on eBay I could probably make more than the $75 ($85 with that $10 bonus credit) that I am getting with Amazon, but this is really a simple way to clean out my collection of older DVDs that I have watched, never really wanted (gifts), or just no longer need in my collection. Plus my wife does not have to stand in the dreaded U.S. Post Office lines with my three boys during the peak of the Christmas shipping season.


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