Getting Fancy with Calvert Games Classic

I have a nasty stomach flu bug. When I say nasty, I am talking seriously nasty. I will not go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that I could not manage to make it into the office today. As long as I was stuck at home, I decided to do something useful with the site, so I implemented the Fancy URLs feature. Many of you are saying, “Big deal, and WTF is that?”

Google (and other search engine spiders) does not like to go through CG’s standard URLs that have all sorts of question marks and the like. So now instead of

you get

… all thanks to the nifty Fancy URLs feature.

Maybe someone will be impressed, then again …

On an entirely different note, after looking through a lot of my older games, I have become a little sentimental. I have been trying to decide what should stay, and what should go. One of the unfortunate side affects of me closing the door on CG and reopening as a blog, was a lot of lost data. 100+ reviews, plenty of editorials, virtual sports write-ups, and a whole host of other junk lost in one shift of change in site philosophy.

Over the next few days (maybe weeks) I am contemplating bringing back the CG’s previous content in an archive format; something along the lines of Calvert Games Classic. I am biased, but there was a lot of good content that some gamers may actually find useful, or dare I say entertaining.

For those that are interested, I will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Getting Fancy with Calvert Games Classic”

  1. I’m impressed with the URL feature. The next version of the portal I use is supposed to implement something similiar.

    I like the idea of a Calvert Games archive. I’d love to be able to read through the past reviews and content.

  2. Jason – thanks. Not sure what you are running, but I was going to do the same with php nuke before I pulled the plug on nuke. Most CMSs seem to have a fancy URL feature/add-on/module.

    Kevin – thanks. I have the entire site back-up. :) Plus previous stuff that I did on SR, my first web site, and of course Usenet.

    Plenty of material for a CG archive – just have to decide if it is worth the time to throw it up again.

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