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Earlier this morning I had an epiphany! The Recycle Bin no longer makes a difference. Not that way it once did.

When the site first started, it made a difference (at least in my own mind) because folks visited for the video game reviews and gaming news commentary. While the reviews may have been long winded, they were completely honest, in-depth, and painstakingly crafted (with a little bit of love). By the time you read a manifest on a game, you knew if it was something you wanted to purchase. The reviews were even picked up by other major (at the time) review site conglomerates. My commentary was never as hard hitting, sarcastic, and insightful as the heyday of Sports Reviewers, but I did my best, finding my own style. For what it is worth think I held my own pretty well.

Calvert Games eventually evolved into a small, but healthy community of gamers, supported by an enthusiastic user base posting in the CG Forums. It was fun, it was different, but it made a difference to the other site writers and the forum community. Of course it eventually because a chore, the site software was not secure and was often hacked. The last straw came when the site was hacked on my oldest son’s birthday. I was livid, and pulled the plug on the site, much to the surprise of Kevin and company. Looking back on it, that approach was a mistake. I should have suspended the site, and told everyone what I was considering and why. So belated apologies to Kevin, Ted, Adam, and Derek.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, the current incarnation of The Recycle Bin is more a less a mess. Eureka! For me Calvert Games has always been a way to express an opinion; hopefully an informative one. It is also a stress relief. I have often said that I may not write well, and if the site had an editor, I would get roasted on a frequent basis. Ah, but I enjoy writing, and the only way to get better is to write. Perfect practice makes perfect. Something along those lines.

Now I get it and understand what is currently missing from my musings. I just need to figure out what I am going to do about it and get on with things. For me to soldier on with the site, it has to make a difference. What is the point of chaotic, random expression of thoughts and opinions? That is kind of where The Recycle Bin is today. Maybe that is OK – maybe it makes sense to focus on SEC football, the Falcons, soccer (from a Team USA fan vantage), and airguns. The video game commentaries may have to go, or at least it is time to morph the way these are presented. Not sure about the other video game stuff – these days I am such a casual gamer that what I write is probably not very useful. All I can say is WTF was I thinking when I threw up a birdwatching category?

So where to from here? I have no clue, but I want the site to make a difference. At least I figured that part out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Contemplations – Making a difference”

  1. I miss the “good old days,” when it was fresh and exciting! :-)

    Follow your heart, man. I’ll be supporting you on any endeavor, for what it’s worth. As you can see, I struggle at times just to keep the MAG going. For me, right now, it’s about the determination to keep something going. One of these days I hope to focus and find my niche, but for now, I just don’t want to “default” like I have on things in the past. So far, I’m hangin’ in there…

    I hope you guys have an awesome holiday weekend!


    PS – Maybe we should do old school RPG sites! 😉

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