Team USA salvages 3 points from Honduras.

Team USA solidified its hold on second in CONCACAF 2010 World Cup qualifying with a nice 2-1 come from behind win over Honduras. Last night was almost a complete disaster, but in the end, the three points brings Team USA within 2 of Costa Rica, and 5 clear of El Salvador.

It looks like the US is on solid ground, but there are some serious issues in front of them. With upcoming Confederations Cup games against Italy, Brazil, and Egypt, I think the US squad is in for some serious disappointment. They really need to get sorted out in a hurry. I would be happy with a draw with Italy, and a win over Egypt, but that may be too optimistic the way the US has played the last couple of games.

But with the Hexagonal now halfway done, there are still plenty of concerns for Bradley. The upcoming Confederations Cup was presumed to be a time where he could fine-tune things against top-notch competition. Yet now there are plenty of questions surrounding the makeup of the U.S. midfield, and with Brian Ching out for “another two or three weeks” with a hamstring injury, the forward situation remains equally unsettled.

The way the U.S. has started its recent matches is also alarming. The Americans have fallen behind early in three of their last four games, and while they’ve been able to secure a win and a draw out of those matches, it’s clear that playing with that kind of fire just can’t continue in the second half of the Hexagonal.

All this soccer talk makes me want to get a new PS3 soccer experience, but it seems like there is never time.


2 thoughts on “Team USA salvages 3 points from Honduras.”

  1. What kind of expectations should Americans have of this team?

    They surprised by getting out of the group stage in 2002 but then regressed in 2006 IIRC.

    I’d like to see a nation other than the big Western European countries, Argentina or Brazil win it.

    But if that happens, it seems more likely to be an African nation, Easter European nation or maybe the Aussies.

    As for the US, if they want to break in, time to start a special immigration program for South American and African athletes.

  2. Wco81 – As far as what I was expecting … I guess I was not expecting much. I would have liked to see a 1-1-1 record (beat Egypt, draw/loss Brazil and Italy in any combination).

    The US lacks a creative offensive attack; really need a world class striker. The defense is also all over the map.

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