High Velocity Bowling.

I downloaded High Velocity Bowling (HVB) a while back when it was on sale for $4.95, but I never really got into it. Call it an impulse purchase; waste of money. Not sure that I ever really seriously tried the game, but it did not seem to be worth the effort.

As I have been rebuilding my PS3 and restoring all the PSN content that I previously purchased, I decided to take HVB for a spin. I have to say that I am impressed. I am not sure what is different about the game today compared to when I first downloaded, but right now I am fairly addicted to this one.

I have only unlocked a couple of characters, so I am obviously not very far into the game. I have also not checked out the online play option yet. I want to get better before braving the online world against the competition. Getting my ass handed to me frame after frame hardly seems like a fun way to spend my limited gaming time. Besides, two nights of bowling is hardly enough to make me confident to take on the masses.

I am surprised to see how much DLC is available for HVB. It looks like the developers continue to support this game with new ad-on content, most of which is premium (albeit very cheap), but there are some free goodies. I am going to refrain from purchasing any of the DLC until I unlock more goodies and see if this game has staying power.

If you are wondering, HVB is lot more fun and more involved, and much deeper than the Wii Sports Bowling offering. Besides the actual content and controls, the graphics are actually 1080p. And we all know that graphics make the gameplay better. For those of you that do not follow this blog on a regular basis, that is sarcasm, but the graphics are very nice for this type of game and completely put the simple Wii Sports offering to shame.

My kids have been dying to play HVB with me, but I told them that daddy needs some time with his long lost PS3 before they get a crack at it. Besides, I want to open up some of the content first, and I need to make sure I can kick their little smart asses. Yes, my oldest son is getting better at some games than dear old dad. What the hell is the world coming to?

I have not mastered the controls yet, but I am actually trying to follow real life bowling motions. I am sure I could just site on the couch, press some buttons, flick my wrist, and call it fun. But would that really be fun? I think I would be missing the point. At any rate, trying to time the motion and get the spin down (L2 or R2) has been an interesting learning experience, but I am sure that I will get the hang of it sooner or later. The fun factor here keeps me coming back for more, which is the reason we play games in the first place.


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