Will FIFA 10 be the best ever soccer game?

Or put it another way, will FIFA 10 rule the soccer world? I was looking for some FIFA 10 news, and came across this IGN UK review (9.3 out of 10).

FIFA 10 is a culmination of the efforts poured into the franchise since it made the leap to the current generation, efforts that have helped it leapfrog Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer and become the premier football game these past couple of years. If FIFA 08 and 09 were statements of intent, then this is the killing blow, and it’s going to take something extraordinary for anything to come close to this for some time to come.

The review is very favorable. I have not played a PS3 version of FIFA, so I am looking forward to this game. I wish it was out before CONCACAF World Cup qualifying resumes Oct 10 and Oct 14. I pre-orderd FIFA 10 from Amazon for 56.99 + free release-date delivery, which is really a good deal.

I am sure we are going to see several versions of FIFA 10 over the next 12 months: Road to the Cup and a World Cup edition are strong possibilities. If FIFA 10 really has a solid engine, I wonder if EA will opt for some sort of DLC instead. Maybe $14.99 for a Tournament Edition or some such instead of money grubbing wholly new games based on FIFA 10.


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