So it comes to this. No respect for Texas.

If Oklahoma was so f’ing good, why are the ‘Horns not getting any respect this weekend? I have listened to several different radio shows this morning (SportingNews and ESPN Radio) and every one is taking (11) Missouri over (1) Texas. I just don’t get it.

Texas whipped Colorado, but before the game, everyone said that the Buffalos would take it to the Longhorns. Then everyone said that Oklahoma was too damn good and fast for Texas. Now Missouri is going to put up too much offense for Texas? WTF is wrong with the pundits?

The Tigers took one on the chin last week to Oklahoma State. So now Missouri is magically better than Texas? They are just going to waltz into Royal-Texas Memorial stadium in front of 98K fans and whip Texas? Fat f’ing chance.

Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium will be rocking for #1 Texas!

I do expect a good game, but it seems like we have heard this one before. Go back to last year’s Holiday Bowl, where Texas beat the living snot out of Arizona State. Anyone remember how Texas was going to be flat against the Sun Devils? I already mentioned Colorado, and we all know what happened at the Red River last week. So now Missouri is the underdog that could. Texas will be flat and all the crap. I don’t see it happening. Texas by 13.

Hook ’em!


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