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Overall, I am very happy with OOTPB 2006. Is it perfect? No, and hopefully patches will bring it closer to perfection. But SI made this game for guys like me. And you if you read this blog for my text-gaming comments.

An internet buddy of mine asked me earlier, “Have they finally made our game?” The answer is a resounding YES!

I spent the evening hours yesterday messing around with the hits, HRs, and doubles modifiers, and am happy with the sim results. They pretty much reflect the same statistics (or close to them) for our OOTP 6.5 results. I changed hits to 1.060, HRs to 1.080, and doubles to 1.080 and ERAs went up, hitting average, HRs, and doubles were within standard deviations from previous IOSBL OOTP 6.5 sims.

I’ve been reading that bookmarks are the way to ease some of the interface issues. So I will mess around with those next. But my main concern is satisfied – I can get OOTPB 2006 to produce accurate results.

OOTPB 2006 is intelligent gaming. Sorry folks, but you will have to read the manual, read forum posts, and devote a significant amount of time to understand game mechanics. When I reviewed for Games Domain Review, we always did our Championship Manager review in the strategy game section (as opposed to the sports section). OOTPB 2006 is a complex sports strategy game.

The complexity will turn some people off, but there are other options out there if you don’t want to worry about tracking everything you need to in this game. PureSim Baseball is a fine product and even Baseball Mogul will satisfy those who want to quickly get into a game and see what happens. Heck, continue playing OOTP 6.5. I don’t think people complaining about this or that missing realize just how different OOTPB 2006 is from the older versions. It is almost a completely different game.

OOTPB 2006 is a baseball universe simulator. And I like it a lot.


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  1. Chris, thanks for keeping the comments/impressions rolling. I was going to wait until the first patch to pick this one up, but it looks like I will have to get this puppy tonight.

  2. Chris, I spent some time with the game last night. Wow – it is complicated. I figured I could get by without reading the manuals, but that is not going to be the case.

    I like the interface, but I am also a fan of FM, so not that big a deal. The big deal is trying to find out what is where – just because I am so use to the old interface. It took me a while just to find the import 6.5 league option, and it was just sitting there all along!

    Anyway, just sent you an email about the test file you posted. Please take a look when you have a few mins.

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