10 Picks and Counting

After dumping (how else can it be described) DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders for the Raiders’ second round pick (34th overall) and the Raiders’ 2009 fifth round pick, the Falcons have 10 picks in the 2008 draft.

I am not disappointed that the Falcons moved Hall, but I thought they would be able to turn their first round pick from the 2004 draft (eighth overall) into another first, or maybe a second, plus something extra. While the Raiders’ 2009 fifth round pick is something extra, I was expecting a little better trade value. On the positive side, the Falcons are already starting to stockpile picks for the 2009 draft, plus, like moving Warrick Dunn, pushing Hall off the roster frees up $3 million in cap space.

This could shape up to be a great draft. The Falcons have the third overall pick, followed by three second round picks, which gives Atlanta four picks in the top 48. Counting their 3rd round selection, the Falcons *can* land five of the top 68 picks in the 2008 draft. Emphasis on *can* because the Falcons will be in a total state of disrepair for years to come if they muff-up this draft.

Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed that new GM Thomas Dimitroff knows WTF he is doing.


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