Innovation or virtual laziness?

Chalk this one up in the WTF is an EyePet category. As gamers, we always ask game developers to innovate. We do not really want to see Super Duper Deluxe 3, but that is what sells. Enter Sony’s forthcoming EyePet.

It is not really a game. I am not sure how much it can offer in the way of an experience. We have been there and done that before with virtual pets, but this time thanks to the EyeToy, we can now interact with our virtual pets. Seems like a good time, but how long will it last? I could see me purchasing the EyeToy bundle version for $59.99 and discarding the game after the uniqueness wears off. Let’s call it 90 minutes tops.

It will be interesting to see if Sony is rewarded for taking a risk, but I doubt this one will end up on the Top 10 best sellers list.


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