Ok, at the risk of upsetting a significant segment of the baseball text-gaming world, I have to ask a question. If you are a fan of historical baseball re-creation, why are you playing Out of the Park Baseball 2006? I am obviously showing my bias against historical sims because (a) I think they are boring and (b) I think they are boring, but if I did decided to be bored, there are other nice options available.

PureSim 2007 seems like a nice fit for historical simmers. It offers a great deal of customization and can import historical databases t’ill the cows come home. If I did decide to be bored, I certainly would be falling asleep in front of PureSim 2007 while it simmed the 1935 World Series.

If I wanted historical accuracy, I would be yawning in front of Diamond Mind Baseball. Again, seems a perfect fit for historical simmers who want statistical replay and results.

The last game I would want is OOTPB 2006. It isn’t designed as an historical replay game. It is prospective baseball software that really shines as a fictional league product. Historical simmers and people like me are not looking for the same types of baseball games. If I wanted more “what if” in my historical games, I’d be playing PureSim 2007. If I want more “this is how it happened” in my baseball game, I’d be playing Diamond Mind Baseball.

But what do I know? I had to drink a cup of coffee to stay awake to type this up!


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