Is inFAMOUS worth a full price purchase?

I am trying to establish a new cardinal rule of game purchases. I am still working out the details, but one no-no has to be instant gratification purchases of new games. As I have learned in the past, if I do not have time to play a game, or if I do not have the patience to work my way through a complicated control system, the game just sits around collecting dust.

Enter inFAMOUS. It looks really good. In fact, this Australian site rates this one a “steal” … as in, Microsoft should dig deep in their pockets to figure out how to get the game to the 360. Of course I do not see this happening anytime soon because Sucker Punch is too closely aligned with Sony, but stranger things have happened before.

While I personally don’t think it will be a Game of the Year-type title, it is without question a fantastic game, and all 360 owners who are bored of Prototype should be very jealous of this fantastic, superior game.

If some of you 360 owners are lucky enough to have a PS3 as well, definitely pick this one up and have a go.

Would we steal this title for the 360?
Steal It? YES!

I do not see me picking this one up unless I can get some sort of discount. I still have to pay off Pangya and my HDD/USB drive purchases.


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