RTTS Update (Those Damn Walks)

I put together a decent run at my first set of goals, but my plate discipline sucks, which is really a generous description. I started off on the bench, but after one of the starting pitchers went on the DL, I was promoted to the starting lineup as the Macon Braves CF. Not sure how that works, but I will take what I can get.

18G, 55AB, 25H, .454AVG, 6HR, 8RBI, 2D, 0BB, 4K

+Increase your bunting ability over the next 4 series.
+Increase your contact vs. LHP over the next 4 series.
+Increase your plate discipline over the next 4 series.
-Over the next 4 series, draw 5 or more base on balls. [This was set to 2 walks, but the goal was adjusted. Either way, I did not walk once, so it did not matter.]
+Over the next 4 series, collect 6 or more total bases. [45]
+Over the next 4 series, have an on base percentage of .400 or higher. [.446]

If I could have drawn 2-5 walks I would be sitting pretty at AAA Richmond. Not sure how I can get better because I have a lifetime of swinging at first pitches and everything under the sun. Not just in videogames; real life as well.


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