Random PS3 and PSP links.

Before I get to the links, Amazon has not shipped my Pangya: Fantasy Golf yet, so I am not sure when I can start posting some impressions. Not getting a game out on time is a definite knock against Amazon. Prime shipping is all well and good, but please ship the game on or before release day already.

PlayStation Network vs. Live
Leave it to a PlayStation centric site to make a case for Sony’s network pulling ahead of Microsoft’s offering.

But now it’s time to reevaluate the situation and I have to say, based on the available software alone, the PSN has Live beat. I like to check both on a relatively frequent basis just to see if I can nab something cool for a great price. Well, the PSN library already has gems like flOw, Flower, Wipeout HD, echochrome, and others, and while I know you can find original Xbox classics on Live, the lineup really can’t compare to the PS1 classic selection on the PSN.

The article also compares some third party download content, and of course first party offerings. I think it really comes down to the games you like; personal choice … all that jazz.

PSPgo digitial game prices?
This Australian based site is concerned about the price of PSPgo games.

While trying to defend the UMD and insisting on it’s continued use he [Michael Ephraim] states that the digital PSP Go’s games will be based on the same price structure as the PSP 3000.

I have written about PSP content prices several lately; they are really too high. While this site is looking at AU dollars, I hope to see more than AUD $15 “discount” for digital vs. UMD games.

PS3 2.80 Firmware
There are lots of articles circulating about the newest PS3 firmware, but I like this one from joystiq best.

It’s deja vu time. Another firmware update which seemingly does nothing. Firmware 2.80 has, according to PlayStation Network’s Eric Lempel, a single feature. “The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.”

LMAO, but everyone has to post about the latest, greatest firmware update … including me.

Tekken 6 LE Bundle lands an ass kicking?
If I preorder this, my wife is going to kill me …

The premium bundle includes the Tekken 6 game, limited edition wireless fight stick crafted by Hori and collectible Art book.

Just say no to $150 bundles, but damn does this one look inviting.


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