Running till I am black and blue.

I am still running like a fool; very much into my running program. The new Mizuno Wave® Ronin™ 2 ordered from zappos did not work out so well. The second toe (the one next to my big toe; does it have a name) on my left foot is pretty much done for; black and blue.

I love the shoes; I am kicking ass on my times and distance. Since I started tracking my times off and on over the last three years, I am now running at my fastest ever pace. I am also easily hitting distances that I used to serious struggle to reach. Of course we are only talking 3-4 mile runs, but still, I am happy with my progress.

Back to the Wave Ronin 2 wonder-shoes. They feel light and fluffy, but it looks like I ordered too small again. I originally ordered 10.5 which is what my other Mizuno’s (something or another Wave 3) are, but that was obviously way too small. So I exchanged those for some size 11 shoes, but apparently my left foot is just a little big for these shoes. They fit well, but about a mile into my last run I could tell that things were not going to turn out well. Of course I said screw it and kept on keeping on, much to the detriment of my whatever you call the second toe.

That sound you just heard was me flushing $95 down the commode. Sometimes you just don’t know how a shoe is going to work out until you give it a work out, but by then it is too late to return it for a refund.

I decided to try for the third time; just got another pair of these puppies from zappos. Free next day upgrade and all that jazz. Ordered yesterday; here today. This time I am going with an 11.5 pair of super shoes. Of course this size is probably going to be perfect for my left foot, but too loose for my right foot. I am not sure if I going to try to eBay the size 11 pair, go for the mismatched pair (11.5 left; 11 right), or use the size 11 pair for walking.

I was planning to try out the new shoes today, but the rain kept in the house. Maybe tomorrow or this weekend.

I am kind of surprised that I am not completely pissed off at this point because I am about $190 in on my new running shoes. Good grief. I need a cold one to wash away the pain.


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