Braves screw Glavine.

As a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, I am seriously pissed. How could the Braves absolutely piss all over Glavine, tell him he is done, and then toss him aside like a discarded bag of stale chips? WTF is wrong with this organization?

The Braves said the move was not about the money, instead insisting that it had everything to do with Glavine’s performance.

“Our evaluation was he would not be successful,” Wren said of Glavine’s major league outlook.

Glavine threw a combined 11 scoreless innings in his last two minor league rehab appearances, including six scoreless innings for Class A Rome on Tuesday night.

“Based on my performance?” Glavine asked, repeating Wren’s assessment. “Well, my bad, I just threw 11 scoreless innings. Was I supposed to throw a no-hitter and strike out 15? That’s never been my style of pitching.”

Well excuse me. What a bunch of f’ing nimrod cowards. How dare they just tell Glavine to f’off? This is just totally ridiculous and unacceptable for what was once considered a class organization.

Granted, Glavine was not going to jump into the rotation and be a number one or two, or even three pitcher, but Glavine could easily help the Braves by being a solid number five. Of course that is not going to happen, and the travesty of this situation is that Glavine is completely estranged from the Braves. What a way to kick this first ballet Hall of Famer in the nuts. Shame on the Braves!


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