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One nice thing about taking time off for Joseph, is that I am getting a lot of time to play WoW.  I guess ‘a lot’ is relative, but it is nice being able to play for 30 minutes here and there throughout the day.  I figured I would take a break from doing all the baby stuff and post an update of where I am with the game.

Faltutin is my main character; level 29 gnome mage.  After playing in a group of four mages (myself plus three front mages) last week, I am very tempted to re-spec my mage.  Fire is nice, but these guys knew what they were doing.  They made frost a thing of beauty; devastating mobs from here to Texas in the process.  I am sure a group of fire mages could do the same thing, but I have yet to group with three other fire mages; experiencing frosty goodness first hand made me a believer.

Kaldur is my priest; level 14 dwarf priest.  Probably my least favorite character, but that may have more to do with me not really knowing how to solo a priest.  I may have to spec this guy as a shadow priest just to pick up some fire power.  That or get someone from the guild to game with me.

Tuldar is my hunter; level 12 dwarf hunter, with Snowpaws, my level 11 snow leopard.  I like this guy because it is almost like playing in a group (almost).  It is probably easier to solo with a hunter than my mage, and definitely easier than soloing with my priest.  For this reason alone I am thinking about starting a warlock, but I really want to spend some more time with my mage and hunter before starting something new.

Chris already mentioned that he changed from Bronzebeard to Arathor as part of a free character move to alleviate congestion on Bronzebeard.  I went with him (and the guild), so now I am playing on a server with an extremely low character population.  There have been two immediate differences that I have noticed.  First, there are not as many people around, which is good and bad.  This is good because I do not have to wait for anything.  This is bad because it is helpful to have others take out certain mobs (or just have someone to group with).  The second thing I have noticed is the young economy.  I made a killing on Bronzebeard selling all manner of things, but it is rough going on Arathor.  A good example is that I used to be able to sell a stack of herbs, linen (and other cloth), and copper for a decent amount of coin, but no so much now.  This is not that big a deal for Faltutin (97.5 gp), but it is hurting Kaldur (1.873 gp), and killing Tuldar (0.246 gp).  Tuldar is so cash poor that he cannot buy a couple of skills that are now available.  I think it will be worth the move just to experience a young economy grow.

Overall I am still having a ton of fun with the game, doing all sorts of crazy stuff that I never figured I would care about.  Buying a silver tabby, improving my cooking skills (and looking for recipes), fishing, and learning first aid.  On Bronzebeard I also learn that I could either pay 1-2 gp for stranglekelp to make lesser mana potions, or I could buy a stack of lesser mana potions for .06 gp.  The dynamics of the game keeps me coming back for more.

If I am disappointed in anything, it is the lack of group participation from the guild for lower level characters (i.e. my three characters).  Not pointing a finger at you Chris; just an observation that I have yet to have someone from the guild respond to a request to group.  This could just be a matter of timing or it could be that I do not actually know anyone in the guild.

All for now; my turn to get a crying baby.


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  1. I think many of us have multiple high level characters in the guild and we know that leveling quickly is better solo than in a group. Yes there will be times when you’ll need help with a quest and folks will generally respond to “I need help with such and such quest” requests as opposed to general grouping requests. And since almost all of us are trying to get to 70, we are concentrating on TBC content at the moment. Once I get to 70 with my priest, I will level my hunter more casually and enjoy WoW-life again :-)!

  2. Chris, like I said, I was not ‘calling you out’ or anything like that. I guess starting the game after it has been out for a while (and 7+ million players) puts me at a certain disadvantage. I have never been to the Deadmines, or some of the other interesting things around my level that are best experienced as group play.

    I understand that you can level faster solo, but my experience has been that as a group you can take out more mobs quicker than you can solo, so maybe it is a wash. McDonalds of gaming? The most fun I have had with the game has been as a group – teaming up with two hunters, or a paladin, or three frost mages, etc. Good stuff.

    As long as we are on the point. One thing to consider, from a guild standpoint – you being an officer and all – you have to remember that those of us new to the game are not going to be much help after we hit upper levels if no one ever groups with us. 😉

  3. The grouping experience occurs in the instance dungeons. I guess that is my point. As a guild, your value as a member is maximized by learning how to run instances. That’s because from a guild perspective, your value as a memeber is how well you perform in the raid dungeons where the higher level loot is retrieved. So if you really want to group with folks and gain experience, the best way is to find groups going to dungeons available to your level.

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