Site Upgrade and Maintenance Underway

I finally found a few spare minutes to update (and hopefully upgrade) the site. I have upgraded to the latest version of Nucleus CMS (the wonderful software responsible for this site) in hopes of providing greater security, less spam intrusions, and more flexibility with the site.

If you see some random error messages, broken images, and the like over the next few days, you now know why. Hopefully I will get everything corrected in due order. Please feel free to post errors that you encounter to this blog entry.

I am able to announce that I can continue to allow unregistered users to post comments to the site. I have installed NP_Captcha, a script that requires you to post a challenge (via random alphanumeric graphic characters) before you can post your comments. Small price to pay to prevent spambots from posting here. So take that you f’ing spammers!

Upgrade has gone well thus far; wish me luck the rest of the way!


4 thoughts on “Site Upgrade and Maintenance Underway”

  1. jcalvert here – just testing the captcha script to make sure it works correctly.

  2. Thanks Jason; figured it was time for a site change.

    The question that begs to be answered – do I allow visitors to change colors? Or just stay standard green? Opinions?

  3. I’ve always preferred a consistant look on the sites I’ve worked on. SGN supports the ability for users to chose their own skin and I disabled it. Just my 2 cents.

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