Random Falcons (Pre Preseason) Notes

Things will probably be quiet on the NFL front until the June cuts (almost here) and training camp opens later this summer. Come to think of it, we do not have that much of a long haul before the Falcons host the Chiefs August 13 at the Georgia Dome in the opening preseason game!

I thought these quotes from the NFC South Chat (over at ESPN) interesting.

Roddy White says Matt Ryan would be a Pro Bowler this year and throw 30TD’s. *IF* he has a healthy and effective Turner and Douglas for the whole season and nothing else obscure happens to his other two favorites would you take the over or under on 30?

Pat Yasinskas (1:02 PM)
I’d take the over — IF those guys all stay healthy.

That would be fantastic, but honestly I cannot even imagine the Falcons running this type of high flying offense. I do agree that Turner being healthy is a key just to get defenses to respect the play-action pass. A healthy Douglas would spread the defense; speed kills. 30+ TDs would get the Falcons deep into the playoffs if the defense is even moderately improved.

Do you think the Falcons will be able to do anything with Jamaal Anderson ?

Pat Yasinskas (1:12 PM)
May rotate him between DE and DT again. But I also see a scenario where they just cut him if he doesn’t have a good training camp and other guys are stepping up on the rest of the DL.

Anderson is a complete bust. Maybe not along the lines of Aundray Bruce bad; however Jamaal is certainly up there with some of the poor first-rounders in the 90s.


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