Do the Braves have a case of the bad back blues?

Why are the Braves going after SS Rafael Furcal and his bad back?  I do not get this one.  Could they really be considering signing Furcal as the precursor to trading current SS Yunel Escobar?  Please say it’s not true!

Rumors are flying.  Furcal to 2B, and current 2B Kelly Johnson to left field.  I am not sure WTF the Braves are thinking, but when desperation sets in, the wolves get careless.  Crazy talk.  Unprotected sex. Whatever you want to call it, call it bad news.

I could see the Braves putting Escobar as the centerpiece of a deal to trade for a number two pitcher.  You know, a reach.  The Braves are not going to land a top flight ace of the rotation, so the front off brass will grit their teeth, and pull off a horrendous deal that may set the Braves back for years.


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