Falcons have Pro Bowlers. Does anyone care?

Congratulations to Roddy White and Michael Turner, who earlier this week were selected as NFC All Pros.

Turner has rushed for 1,421 yards this season, second in the NFL. He also has set the Falcons’ single-season rushing touchdown mark with 15 and has two games left. He signed a six-year $34.5 million free-agent contract with the Falcons in March.

White has 1,301 yards receiving, which is second in NFL, with 84 catches.

Surprisingly, defensive end John Abraham, who is third in the league with 15.5 sacks, did not make the team. Carolina’s Julius Peppers, Minnesota’s Jared Allen and New York’s Justin Tuck were the Pro Bowl picks.

Abraham got screwed. While he may no longer be an every down player, he has been just short of spectacular as a pass rusher. The injustice was sort of corrected when Abraham was named as an alternate, but really, who tracks being named as an NFC All Pro alternate selection?

Matt Ryan was also named as an alternate. Ryan has put together a solid rookie year, but is he really Pro Bowl worthy, even as an alternate?

One final point, before I blow my wad on this post. Does anyone really give a damn about the Pro Bowl? Seriously, I do not think I have watched a Pro Bowl game since my childhood days. It is completely irrelevant, and a waste of time. The NFL should just stick with naming All Pros and do away with the Pro Bowl.


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