Now drinking. Yuengling.

YuenglingIt’s been a while. Since I posted and since I did a flavorful, nectar of the gods post.

I go back and forth (rotate if you will) between lagers, ales, and cheap stuff. Sweetwater 420 is my normal favorite, and Miller Lite is my current cheap staple. In Florida a couple of weeks ago I picked up some Yuengling. Yum! For a lager this stuff is smooth, delicious, and not too terribly fizzy.

For some reason Yuengling is not distributed in Columbus (maybe not even Georgia). I had to bootleg some back from Panama City.

So as I write this post I find myself reaching for a second bottle. While the bottles are good, from a tap Yuengling is the stuff of legends. OK, maybe that is going too far, but it is a nice lager.


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