I am not sure how many people are actually excited about Nintendo’s next system, but after spending some time this weekend reading about the system, I cannot wait for it to arrive. Sure the controller is a little off the deep-end, but the thing may just work. The backwards compatibility will be a huge win for many gamers my age (and maybe so other demographics). I also think Nintendo’s gaming slant (i.e. this is just a video game system) is going to be a plus because I think the price will be affordable; besides, everyone does not want they gaming system to be a Swiss army knife.

The GameCube does not get much love, but for my money games like Animal Crossing, Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin, Kirby Air Ride (for my son), two decent Star Wars games, and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker provide plenty of unique game experiences not found on any other console. The funny thing is that the GameCube was so easily dismissed by sports gamers, yet some popular franchises such as Madden actually looked better (and some would dare say play better) than their Xbox and PS2 counterparts. My GameCube will remain around for a long time just for the GameBoy adaptor – that thing is money well spent.

I think that much like my current combination of PS2 and GameCube, a next generation combination of PS3 and Revolution is going to be in my gaming future. Of course I have to find time to play all the new games, but that is a different article.


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