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I said I wouldn’t do it – no MUT for me after all the temptation in Madden 10, when the Ultimate Team concept was first introduced. This stuff can be like any drug addiction; cash will go down the sinkhole at a rapid pace.

Ah, but in order to earn the Platinum for Madden 12, two trophies require the competition of 10 and 20 MUT games. So now I am slogging my way through the final trophy (currently at the 10 game mark). Looking at my team, the GA TX Falcons, I have a handful of platinum pack Hall of Fame players, some special addition ones, plenty of gold and silver cards, and some rubbish bronze addition cards. All that glitters is gold, right?

In order to keep using my Hall of Fame players, which were procured with the purchase of my ultra-rare (not really) super-secret (not so much), Hall of Fame edition (that’s what it’s called), I have to purchase contract cards. Not just a few, but a lot. These things cost coins that can be earned in the game, or with real life money. A typical 600 coin contract card may extend a Hall of Fame card 1-4 games, a gold card 4 games, a silver card 6-8, and a bronze card 10+.

You can see where this is going, right? Playing against the CPU, I typically earn 800-1100 coins per game. I can either spend a lot of time trying to whore the auctions, or try to work trades, or I could spend some real life money, or I could just not play my most valuable players.

I have chosen the route of not playing my most valuable players, which means I’m slogging through the last 10 games by choice. I know MUT is addicting, and I just don’t want to be an addict.

I would have to do some searches (here, purchase records, etc.) to confirm, but I’m pretty sure that with MUT 10 I game my team an injection of $10 (maybe less, but not more), which is when I said I’m not going to get addicted, spending money on virtual cards, and passed on playing MUT 11.

Here we are, trying to go Platinum with MUT and Madden 12. So far I have resisted the temptation to inject real world cash, but I’m tempted because I want to play with those Hall of Famer players, not a bunch of bench warmers. EA – sneaky bastards!

Madden 13
I decided to preorder Madden 13, and for my efforts Amazon is treating me well. $15 credit, release day delivery, an Andrew Luck card, and more.

Pre-order Madden NFL 13 and receive a $15 promotional credit

You will also get the Andrew Luck Future Stars Draft Pick Madden Ultimate Team Card for immediate use in Madden NFL 12. [… automatically unlocks the Andrew Luck Rookie Card for Madden Ultimate Team 13 …]

Pre-orders also receive the Amazon exclusive NFL legends Joe Gibbs and Lawrence Taylor for use in Madden Ultimate Team and the all-new Connected Careers mode.

Once I hear my ding-ding to finish off the Madden 12 Platinum, I’ll put aside MUT for this year, once again winning my battle with MUT EA demons.

PS: My boys want to spend some cash to get their Madden 12 Platinum (they need the MUT 80 rated deck one). And so it begins …


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