Georgia gets whipped.

UGA LogoLet’s start by giving all the credit to Alabama. It is obvious they came well prepared, were hungry for a win, and executed their game plan flawlessly.

I cannot think of a game in recent memory where Georgia was so clearly dominated to the point that they looked out classed, out coached, and out played. Alabama looked heads and shoulders better than Georgia; dare I say the best team in the country.

For Georgia, things went down hill fast. First, on Alabama’s game opening drive, Georgia’s leader on defense, Dannell Ellerbe, left the game with a knee injury. Second, Georgia forced a fumble, but a stupid hands to the QB face pentality reversed the call, and Alabama went on to score 31 unanswered points to take a 31-0 halftime lead. Remember these words from last week:

“Penalties continue to be a concern, as Georgia gave up 104 yards on 12 flags, although there were 2-3 BS calls. Georgia has to be more disciplined or the penalties will come back to haunt them at an inopportune time.”

Georgia gave, yes gave, Alabama 8 first downs because of Georgia penalties. In the end it would not have mattered, because Alabama was clearly the better team, but it certainly did not help.

So where to from here? Before the season started, I expected Georgia to be 4-0 going into the Alabama, Tennessee, Vanderbilt stretch, which would result in a 7-1 record. So they are on track with my predictions, but can they actually beat Tennessee and Vanderbilt in back-to-back games after the ass kicking they took at the hands of the Crimson Tide? Vanderbilt, yes Vanderbilt, actually controls the SEC East.

It is not so much that Georgia let an opportunity slip away. Alabama forcefully took it from Georgia. The good news is that Georgia can regroup, and force a rematch in the SEC Championship. After being exposed during last night’s Black Out game, I doubt Georgia can run the table to have the opportunity to take out Alabama in Atlanta in December.

The sun still came up this morning. Forwards and onwards. Go Dawgs!


2 thoughts on “Georgia gets whipped.”

  1. “The good news is that Georgia can regroup, and force a rematch in the SEC Championship.”

    If LSU improves a little each week it’s quite possible that they may have a little input on any rematch. Ole Miss isn’t looking to shabby either. While I was pulling for you last night, it would fun to take out an undefeated Bama and Sabin. Alabama certainly looked impressive last night. Thank goodness we get Bama and the Dawgs at home. I enjoyed your R1 blog this morning.


  2. James – Good point. LSU will certainly be in the mix. They escaped at Auburn, but you have to have some of the in order to make a run. The LSU/Alabama winner is the clear favorite for SEC Champ and National Champ.

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