Cya 2006!

Here’s my 2006 video game review.

Most surprising gaming moment – I dug up and reconnected both my Xbox and PS2. I’m playing games with my eight year-old daughter and having fun. Nothing really appeals to my adult tastes, but so far my weekends are spent playing Open Season and Legos Star Wars II.

Most disappointing release – This is an easy category. Out of the Park Baseball 2006. Hands down. No challengers. So much potential was ruined by a company that does not understand the target market. Hopefully the patch in 2007 will fix a number of lingering issues. When will you know it’s time to invest in OOTP 2007? When there are online leagues switching to it in much larger numbers than are playing OOTP 2006.

Game I purchased I wish I had time to play – Civilization IV. I actually purchased a collector’s edition and pre-ordered it. It’s still on my computer (I think) but haven’t gone past the tutorials. Sad.

Game that keeps on giving – World of Warcraft. Easily the greatest game ever made in my book. As I continue down the road to more end game content, it just keeps getting better and better. And just when you think things couldn’t improve any more, the latest patch adds more fun to the mix. World worker productivity will probably suffer greatly on January 16th when The Burning Crusade is released.

Things gaming related that surprised me this year (non gaming moment related) – I did not visit Gamespot once this year. Didn’t read a single review posted on a gaming web site. And I “discovered” that the PlayStation2 has quite a collection of family friendly games.


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