Taking the day off to regroup.

I think after yesterday’s epic failure with the PS3 backup and recovery of my old data, I may have to take a day or two off from videogame blogging.

For what it is worth, I called the Sony support number and after a few minutes (waited less than 5) I got a person on the phone. He confirmed that I have the same system; I did not receive a replacement unit. I walked through the system restore functions with the guy on the phone, and when I got to the warning message about this being a different system I was told that some of the content must have been copyrighted or illegal. WTF? I told the guy that I did not have one illegal game, video, or otherwise on my system. Ridiculous.

I was able to restore, but the restore only took 7 minutes vs. 120 minutes that it took pre-repair. It looks like the only data recovered were some videos, which to be honest I think I could do without.

I think my only option is to see if I can look inside the backup/restore file and pull out individual files. I have no idea how the file is put together; maybe it is a zip or tar ball file?

It sucks that I lost Oblivion, F1, and other PS3 game data and saves. I can always download all my purchased content again; of course it takes forever to pull anything off of the PSN, but I can recover that part of my PS3. I cannot get over the fact that I have lost years of PSX and PS2 saves. Once I transferred the data to my PS3, the memory cards were discarded, sold, etc. It just plain sucks ass that years of gaming history are gone, and the sad thing is that I tried to do everything right – I actually backed up my f’ing system.


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