Madden and the bitter old man.

As of 9:30 PM EST, the NCAA Football 09 patch has still not been posted. Where is the f’ing patch for the PS3? Now that Madden is out, will anyone care? I love NCAA Football (the series, not necessarily this year’s game) so I want to see a quality gameplay patch, but I will be damned if we will see it anytime soon since the first roster patch cannot seem to be released.

So I open Madden and jump right into the Madden IQ crap. Some of this stuff seems contrived. Let’s just call it down right BS. My IQ sucks; 498.  Funny, this score is actually lower than my demo score.  Somehow I have regressed.

For my first game I have the Saints visit the Georgia Dome. Call me a bitter old man, but this first game does not leave me feeling all that enthused for Madden. There is a reason that I have not really gotten into Madden the last few years. Typical pattern is purchase, play less than two weeks, become disappointed, sell on eBay.

Right out of the box this one just screams typical Madden. No running game and unrealistic pass percent completion numbers. Brees goes 15-19 for 136 yards. I know my Madden IQ sucks, but come on; this is shades of this year’s NCAA Football. WTF? Of course running is the polar opposite. McAllister has 19 yards on 15 attempts, while Turner has 11 yards on 7 attempts. Give the CPU a cookie for at least making 15 rushing attempts.

Adding insult to injury, after my 10-3 loss, my IQ drops 10 points to 489. Ouch. I guess I am getting too old for this crap.

Oh well; getting late for this bitter old man. Will have to take another crack at it tomorrow.


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