Pellets aplenty (part 2 of 2)

The Crosman lead free pellets were a great idea, but poorly implemented due to their super low weight. Maybe I am being a little harsh, but I do not think these things are going to work well in any decently powered air rifle. I should have realized something was up by the warning on the back of the Silver Eagle Wadcutter and Hollow Point tins

Increased velocity and penetration.
Not for use with pellet traps.

Increased velocity decreases accuracy; at least it does in my CSP. Environment (well, at least my backyard) be damned, back to the lead.

I placed another order at Pyramyd Air and picked up four different .177 tins. Pyramyd always runs “buy 3, get 1 free” deals on their pellet tins; cheapest tin is free. I selected a variety of pellet grains to see if I could discover the perfect match for the CSP. Crosman Premier Super Match (7.9 gr), Beeman H&N Match wadcutter (8.09 gr), Beeman Crow-Magnum (8.80 gr), and Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy (10.6 gr).

What a difference a pellet makes. All of the new pellets shot well, did not make nearly as much noise (as the lead-free types), and accuracy is greatly improved. It is too soon for me to tell which pellet is the best for my gun, but I like the Crosman Premier and Kodiak pellets. I can see the Crow-Magnum becoming my squirrel pellet of choice; plus the things do serious damage to an empty can of Miller Lite.


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