PSP Firmware Upgrade Frustrations

I figured while I was searching for porn and watching the Braves finally win a game, I would download the latest PSP firmware upgrade (v3.50). BTW, not really on the porn part; figured I better say that since this post is coming to you tonight from my work laptop. Damn shame it has come to this, but what can you do?

So I go to the option to apply the new upgrade, but I am told I do not have enough battery to run the upgrade. This is true; I am down to a single bar. I go fetch my PSP AC adaptor, and guess what? The same damn message. I even remove the battery (just running on the power adaptor), but it looks like I have to have a charged up battery to apply any sort of firmware upgrade. Seems like I remember having this issue in the past, but I usually keep my spare battery charged up so it has not been an issue until tonight.   That or I am pissed that basketball and hockey are finally over. OK, you got me. I am pissed that I cannot apply the firmware upgrade; I could care less about the NBA and NHL.

Seems like a pretty poor design by Sony to not let us run firmware upgrades off of the AC adaptor power. I now have to wait until tomorrow morning (so the battery can charge). Good grief.


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