World of Warcraft (Begins Part 4)

I think this the last post in my four part series detailing my experiences with WoW.  The articles were intended to give you my perspectives on the game, document my early struggles and successes, and focus on the fact that I am a MMORP and PC gaming novice.

Last night made for some interesting gaming.  When we last talked about the game, Chris suggested that I go in a different direction than a hunter.  Tuldar (dwarf hunter, L6) was a decent character once I started learning the game, but I took Chris’ suggestion and created Faltutin (gnome mage, L2).  I met up with one of Chris’ characters, who looked like a total bad ass, but he was nice enough to “trade” me some gold and invite me to join his guild.  While that was nice of Chris, let me be honest, I do not like the looks of the WoW gnomes.  My dud looked a lot like Dopey; in other words, very lame.  Thus Kaldur (dwarf priest, L5) was born.  Chris kicked Faltutin out of the guild, and invited Kaldur to the elite membership.  I figure it is elite because it looks like there are only 67 members.

I spent a couple of hours with Kaldur, completing quests, killing an assortment of beasts, and randomly healing folks.  I even joined two short lived parties.  As the Falcons/Saints game got out of hand, I grew sleepy, and eventually called it a night, but I did make it to level 5 in relatively short order (about two hours).  I figure another 2-5 hours should have me ready for the real fun, which Chris says starts at level 10.  I guess I will find out soon enough.

At this point in the game I have a few observations, which follow in no particular order.

First, I really like Tuldar, mostly because I like the idea of the gun.  The hunter seems like a fun class, but I have been repeatedly told that hunters are pretty much dime and dozen, and hunters are really easy to play.  I do not think there is anything wrong with someone new to the game playing with a class that is perceived as easy, but I guess I do not want to get boxed in with Tuldar later in the game.  I will play with him some more, but it sounds like he may not have a true future later in the game.  At least he is not going to be invited to join Chris’ elite guild.

Second, I really like the fireballs, but I do not like the gnomes.  Much like the elves in WoW, the gnomes look pretty ridiculous.  Since I have no desire to play as a human, and I really want to do something with a mage, I am sure we will be hearing more from Faltutin before it is all said and done.  I guess I could give Horde characters a go, but for now I am going to stay away.

Third, I could care less about playing with a bunch of anonymous folks.  That is really a topic for another day, but I think this game could be a lot of fun (and really deep) if you are playing with friends.  Why not get some friends together and start your own guild?

Fourth, there is a lot to learn, so reading the manual is a must.  That is crazy talk coming from me.  Since my realm server is down tonight, I have snuggled up to the manual (except for this post), which has actually brought about a few ‘so that is why (or how)…’ moments.

Fifth, I am still not comfortable with the $14.95/month fee.  I would much rather have some sort of pay as you play model.

Finally, it is pretty entertaining watch all the havoc in Coldridge Valley as new players are everywhere blasting an assortment of creatures.  Gnomes zipping left and right, followed by little purple imps (or demons or whatever) doing all manner of strange stuff.  Interesting.

Oh yeah, before I forget.  I am sick of other players challenging me to duels.  Shouldn’t they have something better to do?  Like maybe build up a party and get something accomplished.

I am sure there will be more to come later.


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  1. With all that I’ve read about World of Warcraft, it sounds like the game to get. My uncle and his son can’t stop talking about it. But I am wondering if I am going to get addicted to the game and piss the wife off cause I’m not spending enough time with her.

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