Madden 09 Countdown (10 days).

PlayStation Madden 96There is an interesting slider discussion going on at OS, and while some think there is much doom and gloom with the lack of CPU sliders, can it really be all that terrible? I mean down right PlayStation Madden 96 bad? Enough to cancel the game?

I think I am going to wait with baited breath to see how things pan out with this year’s Madden. While I am not a slider whore, I do like to fiddle with sliders to adjust things to my liking. I am not sure what inspired the developers to drop slider adjustments, but obviously sliders are not considered important to the overall success of the game. Look no further than the broken slider crap we are currently enduring with NCAA Football 09.

These days I am not looking for the perfect game, but something that is enjoyable and heavily slanted towards a simulation experience. Blitz style over the top sports games are not my cup of team. I do not like seeing 75% (or higher) pass completion percentages game after game; that is just not realistic. There is a fine line between fun and realistic, and this line, or perception, is different for every gamer. I think sliders can help balance out things, but sliders will not help with a faulty AI, poor play calling, or a broken game engine.

The Madden 09 demo gives me a sense of things to come, and right now I am sitting on the fence. The experience is different than NCAA Football 09, which is a positive, but will Madden 09 offer more enjoyment for my football time?

I want a solid NFL game; my expectations are not lofty. The problem is that Madden 09 is the only game in town. Thanks to exclusive licenses, we are stuck with a take or leave situation. I long for the days of GameDay, where Sony caught EA Sports with their pants down, which resulted in the cancellation of Madden 96 for the PlayStation. Give me some GameBreaker vs. NCAA Football, GameDay vs. Madden, or 2K vs. Madden competition. Sometimes the good ‘ol days really were better.


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  1. Seems everything EA games does or has done nowdays leads to something. They’ve long been setting the standard for games, and if I’m correct, it’s like 1/3 the ratio of ea games to all others on the ps3. I’ll tell you straight up, you should buy and try out the Orange Box for ps3, especially if you’re familiar with any of the games on pc. EA was given the task of taking that game to ps3, for Valve is “not a ps3 developing company,” and the result is a watery version of one of the greatest games in history. And you can tell on ps3 the gameplay system is damaged, further ispection shows multiple layers of depth that were unexplicably axed from the game for time constraint reasons. I too long for the days of competition in sports games: I’ve had a personal boycott of EA sports football est. Madden ’05 and it’s looking like that will hold strong. I made the mistake of checking out Nascar ’07 part 3, err… Nascar ’09 and they had a car skin editor, Jeff Gordon, and Nascar ’07 again. Madden to me has become an endless series of roster updates, as you’d have to play Madden 96 for a while for the newer ones to look great in comparison. Right off, they never lie of whence they have come. Check out NBA 2k8, they’ve got awesome AI sliders. And decent online, though it’s got certain “Patriot” type teams that tend to be unbeatable against actual players. I was happier wasting 50 on that than Madden, though.

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