NCAA Football 09 Patch Update

NCAA Football 09It looks like EA Sports is about to do the needful and patch NCAA Football 09. We can look at this two ways.

WTF was EA thinking releasing a game with this many issues? Or we can be grateful that EA Sports is addressing the many issues with the game. At this point the horse is out of the barn, so I am going to wait and see what if the gameplay improves. If it does, we may have a wonderful game on our hands, but will anyone notice as Madden 09 is due in 10 days?

Patch info at OS, via digitalsportspage (Page 15). The follow could really improve my gameplay experience

– Faster simming between weeks

– Improved coverage on kicks

Bug Fixes
– AI sliders for will now work correctly
– An issue with missing stats after simming has been fixed
– Ball carrier will no longer run out of bounds when changing hands and heading towards the sidelines

Am I upset that purchasing this game day one basically made me a “beta” tester? Yes, I am. Should EA have delayed the game until it fixed some of these issues? Yes, absolutely. Should EA Sports get a “pat on the back” for doing the right thing? Maybe, but this may also encourage the behavior of “release it now, patch it later” games. Still, happy horse shit aside, I am looking forward to an improved game when the patches are available.


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