Resistance Fall of Man (oil, meet water)

I spent some more time with Resistance tonight, and let me tell you that it was not pretty.  Oil and water is pretty much the best description of me with FPS.  I am just not coordinated enough to handle the controls.  Of course a belly full of beer probably does not help; at least that has been my excuse the last few nights.

I did manage to do a little better with the game once I figured out that I need to slow things down, use the sniper zoom function, and make general use of the crouch button.  I am having a hell of a time with the controls; moving with the left analog and looking around with the right analog stick is sucking the life out of me.  I guess I need to keep working at it, look at a strategy guide, and maybe see if I can find a lock on cheat.

Slowing things down does help, but when three or more Chimera coming at me (or holding back waiting to gun me down), it has been pretty damn hard to not get blown away.  More health pickups are needed; they could be there, I just do not know how to find them.

Second impressions?  I still love the alternative history.  The graphics are impressive; lots of detail and the environments are pretty convincing.  I find the game plenty difficult, even on the easy level, but my inability to master the controls is a contributing factor to my struggles with the game.  I am not a FPS expert, but the AI seems sound.  The Chimera do their part to hide, take cover, yet still be aggressive.

The question for me is one of fun vs. work.  Should I have to “work” so much just to play the game?  I assume the game will get harder as I progress (if I progress), so I may hit a point of diminishing returns pretty quickly.  I have a feeling that this is no way that I can get $60 of value from this game, but I will probably keep at it through the weekend to see if I can get down the controls.


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