Qore Episode 3

Qore LogoI just downloaded Qore Episode 3, and was not left feeling very satisfied. For starters, it was a pain in the ass to download this episode. I thought part of the deal with a Qore subscription was that new episodes would automatically be detected and downloaded. Not so much. I could not find an option to download the newest Qore installment, and in frustration, I finally went into download history section of the PlayStation Store and clicked on Qore Annual Subscription. That did the trick; the August edition (or Episode 3) started downloading.

Why am I dissatisfied, dare I say disappointed, with Qore? Too little content, very few demos, and nothing really exclusive worth writing home about.

  • DC Universe Online – two videos and an art gallery.
  • Lego Batman – two videos and an art gallery.
  • Baja: Edge of Control – two videos and an art gallary
  • NBA 09 (The Inside; The Life or some such subtitle) – two videos and a free throw mini-game.
  • “What’s Hot” – video for Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and a box art gallery of 5-6 upcoming games.
  • Download Center – Qore Theme, Resistance 2 beta, and Calling All Cars (full game for Qore subscribers only).

The Resistance 2 beta will be open in late September, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed or anything because I never saw the SOCOM beta open up.

The August edition of Qore contained about 45 minutes of viewable content. That is it. I am disappointed that more content and demos were not included. The interviews are interesting, but way too brief, and leave you feeling all empty inside.  At this point, Qore has been an utter waste of money. Looking forward to seeing if things change with Qore Episode 4.


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