Remote Play (Semi-Success)

The Secret of My Success DVDStill doing the Remote Play thing; or at least trying to get it to work. I made some more updates to the PS3 and Router settings, and I was able to connect via internet and private network options, so things were working OK. By saying things “were working OK” I mean that the system was not randomly turning on (and off), and I was able to Remote Play inside my home network without any difficulties. I decided to take the PSP outside of my network to see what would happen.

After a short walk around the block (really just one street over behind my house), I found several unsecured wireless networks. I decided to try a Remote Play session, and I actually connected to my PS3! Success!

There was some serious lag, but I was able to browse via my PS3, stream my Shakira: Oral Fixation Tour video (because soft porn rules!), and play PixelJunk Monsters. Like I said, lag was awful, so I would not say that any of this was useful, but actually connecting to my PS3 gave me a fleeting feeling of success.

Alas, the connection was broken a couple of times, but I was able to reestablish a connection.  Since the bandwidth was so poor, I continued my walk until I found a better connection. This would make three successful connections (PS3 was on for two of them because of the unexpected disconnections). The second network was much faster; Shakira audio and video was better. I finally ended Remote Play, and selected the option to turn the PS3 off.

After a short walk home, I noticed that the PS3 was still on. Hmmmm … something is still not working right. I tried to connect via the internet, but right as I started to attempt to connect, the PS3 turned off.  Eventually I received a time out message. I noticed that the “green” light was not on, so I turned on my PS3, and checked the Remote Play section (start option was still enabled). Not sure what is what with this one, but something that was not supposed to happened.  Needless to say, this is the kind of crap that I find so frustrating.  I wish Remote Play worked without so much anguish.

I took a walk again, but could not establish a connection to my PS3. After returning home, I could not connect with the internet option, but I was able to connect via the Private Network option. I just turned the PS3 off (back of the system power switch) to see if that makes any difference next time.  Maybe I can only connect once, which would suck, but it would be more than not being able to connect which is where I was at before today.

I will continue to experiment,.  Remote Play is getting ever so close!


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