Dell to the rescue (Part II)

The Dell support person showed up at the house a couple of hours ago, replaced the power supply on Tonya’s Inspiron 6000, and all is well.  Thanks to Brad (Dell Online Community Outreach Liaison) – he helped arrange this support call.

I have a couple of thoughts.  First, if I did not have Brad’s contact info, I would no longer have this laptop, and I would be a very bitter towards Dell.  Thankfully, Brad found my first post about my recent mishaps with Dell, and he helped right the ship.  Second, the next time I order a laptop, I will pay for an extended support warranty, which is something I never do for electronic equipment.  In the case of this laptop, it has been well worth the money.

All this begs the question, should a computer that is less than three years old have screen and power supply issues (and a used up battery) in the first place?


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