Monday (weekend) gaming recap.

As you can tell by the number of posts over the last few days, I actually spent a fair amount of time with the PS3 over Independence weekend. It is a damn shame that it takes a three-day holiday weekend to get my gaming on. For the first time in a long time, I was happy playing, and writing about my experiences. I think something in NCAA Football always brings out the inner gamer (and game writer) in me. So, it was a good gaming weekend – Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, NCAA Football 09 (demo), and Super Stardust HD ruled the day.

Saturday I threw up a couple of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue posts, so I will not rehash too much of that right now. I am still a couple of Gold Trophies short of getting all Gold in the C Class: Race C-3 (Cappaccino Time Target) and C-9 (FF Challenge). Sunday I moved on to the B Class and rapidly made mincemeat of the competition. While it may be too easy, there is something compelling (dare I say gratifying) about beating the snot out of the competition. Of course the AI is not very smart, but I will take what I can get. I think I am short of Gold on three B Class races, so I still have a little work in front of me. Gran Turismo is something you either love or hate. Obviously I am in the loving me some GT camp. Besides, it gives me a reason to do some eye candy posts.

NCAA Football 09 cannot get here soon enough. I am sure that some of the gaming/blog/message board “experts” will slice this one up ten ways to Saturday, pointing out all the flaws, perceived show stoppers, and then some. Hopefully I will enjoy the game and avoid the yearly negativity that follows the hype machine associated with EA Sports football games. In the spirit of a Presidential Election Year, I promise to keep my comments squarely on fun factor, with some pros/cons type of posts.

Finally we move on to Super Stardust HD (with solo expansion), which has to be one of the greatest shooters ever.

Super Stardust HD

I am still struggling to break 6 million …

Last night I just missed breaking my high score; I was within 400K of my 5.9 million record. That damn long snake boss thing on the second planet did me in. That’s right, I have not cleared the second planet, but I have fun trying. My top score continues to be bumped further and further to the back of the buss. I remember when I was in the Top 15K; my score is now ranks in the top 60.5K. My goal this week is to break 6 million. Simple pleasures equal lots of fun factor.

Finally, there is Qore, but it deserves a post of its own.


2 thoughts on “Monday (weekend) gaming recap.”

  1. Super Stardust is suppose to have trophies with the 2.40 firmware.

    I don’t know if that’s going to be a big draw or not.

    Of course, if you didn’t get 2.40 when it was available briefly, you have to wait for 2.41 due “mid-week.”

  2. I did not get 2.40 because it was put up (and quickly taken down) during my 6-8 weeks of no videogames.

    Trophies will be fun … if I can score high enough to get one.

    I did the “bombs only” game last night, and managed in the 700K range, which I think was good enough to be in the Top 5K on the leader boards.

    I doubt I will ever be good enough at this game to get anywhere near the top.

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