Super Stardust HD Trophy Update

PSN LogoI never thought I would care much for this trophy thing, but color my convinced, that the new system is addicting and “just one more game” enticing. I now have 9/17 Super Stardust HD trophies!

Last night was pretty cool for a couple of reasons: co-op play with my boys and snagging a few trophies.

First, I was playing co-op mode with my sons, and we (me and oldest son) managed a pretty decent score that was good for a Top 5350 ranking. Sounds crazy, but we got excited knowing that our score was better than 62K other Super Stardust teams. We also picked up the Scenic Route trophy.

Second, I was about to hit the hay, but decided to give it a go to try to land a couple of trophies that I felt were within my reach. My final play session of the night landed me Close Encounters, Token Hoarder, and Well Prepared. Good stuff!

I know there are gamers that have (or will) quickly outpaced me, but I have an article to write, so I will throw this up anyway. My current Trophy List includes:

  • Hero of Lave – Complete planet Lave
  • Hero of Coventina – Complete planet Coventina
  • Hero of Nemain – Complete planet Nemain
  • The Tokenizer – Collect 5 tokens with a single boost in Arcade
  • Scrooge MacBoom – Get 10 bombs in Arcade
  • Close Encounters – Survive 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs in Survival*
  • Token Hoarder – Collect 15 tokens with a single boost in Arcade
  • Well Prepared – Get 20 bombs in Arcade
  • Scenic Route – Complete a planet without using boost

I will have a harder time picking some of the rest, but I will have fun trying!


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