PSP update of sorts

PSP SystemIt has been a while since I wrote much of anything significant about the PSP, which means it has not been on for a while. One of my biggest gripes with the PSP is that once the battery drains, you have to rest the date and time. In this day and age, I do not get that. It is a minor issue, but since battery life is not very long, if your system sits idle, the PSP will drain the battery, and you will have to rest the date and time the next time you power up the system.

As I mentioned yesterday, I downloaded the 4.01 firmware. I plan to spend some time this weekend playing around with remote play to see if I can get it working correctly. I would really love to be able to throw in a PSX game and do the remote play thing. Also, it will be a travesty if Qore does not support remote play.

I think Space Invaders Extreme has to be my next purchase. It is getting a lot of good reviews ( and

This review caught my eye:

“It also means the game is almost constantly giving you something new to play with. It’s challenging, of that there can be no doubt, but as you re-play levels, you’ll notice patterns and more efficient ways of destroying enemies that lend themselves to what I can only imagine will end up being some of the most incredible speed runs of the game ever seen. The potential for those with far more time and obsessive-compulsive tendencies will end up blowing minds.”

This sounds like the perfect pick up and play game. I have to tell myself reasons to justify keeping my PSP. Maybe this one will do the trick.


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